Bitcoin Runners is a free, global, borderless running club at the intersection of two community-lead movements enabling sovereignty of one’s wealth, while improving one’s health. 

We’re a proud member of the #teamsatoshi initiative.

Why do we exist? 

To promote bitcoin and fitness now and into the future. The club has two main drivers: One to accelerate the adoption of bitcoin and to socialise its use as a global currency. Secondly, to encourage more people into running and so to enjoy the wonderful life-changing benefits it offers.

So, why would a runner or bitcoiner need this club? 

For runners who don’t bitcoin: we’re here to help separate the signal from the noise and give you the knowledge and the tools to get ahead of the curve, to secure your future without relying on a broken financial system. 

For bitcoiners who don’t run: this club is here to open up a new world of health, fitness and friendship. 

For existing bitcoiners who run: we want to help you make new and meaningful social and business connections, both locally and internationally. 

What do we offer that you couldn’t get anywhere else? 

There are zillions of Bitcoin and running groups and resources but nowhere are they combined. We offer free coach-lead bitcoin conference runs such as this 👇


and help organise #teamsatoshi challenges; like this👇

There’s much more coming soon, including:

  • Essential Bitcoin resource links and information
  • Goal specific training plans and detailed session plans
  • Coaching group and advice
  • Post lockdown meet-up runs at international events
  • Bitcoin and lightning product and tool reviews
  • Running merch

In the meantime if you would like to get involved there are a few other things you can do:

  • Join us on  Strava
  • Join us at ParkRun
  • Let us know if there is a city/location you would like us to open a meet-up group chat
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Share the club with any likeminded friends
  • Join our friends at team satoshi if you have a particular project, challenge or goal. It’s a great initiative for raising awareness of your event and for inspiring others.
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